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Labor and Laboratory Workers Physical Examination

National Tsing Hua University Employee Health Examination Guidelines and Important Considerations


      According to Article 20 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act for currently employed laborers, the following health examinations shall be conducted: General health examinations, special health examinations for those involved in tasks with special health hazards, and health examinations of specific items for specific targets workers as designated by the central competent authority.

According to Article 11 of the Labor Security and Health Act, employees shall conduct health examinations periodically.

  1. Age 65 and over, check-up every year.

  2. Age 40-65, check-up every 3 years.

  3. Age 40 and under, check-up every 5 years

Violation of this Article will result in a fine of no more than NT$3000.

Starting from 2015, faculty and staff members of NTHU who has labor insurance must perform and complete the health examination. (member list will be provided by the Office of Personnel) After completion of the new staff health examination, health examinations are conducted periodically according to age.


The items required for the health examination are as the ones stated on the Occupational Safety and Health Act (The items of the health examination for non-new staff members are listed on Appendix 1)

 for future reference. To prevent excess personnel showing up at all once, the Division of Health Service will be at the International Student Activity Center located at Feng Yun building 

on November 16-19 from 8:00-12:00 a.m. to provide the health check examination services. Please try to complete the examination test on time.


Important Considerations:

  1. Registration: Register online before November 7th 00:00 am. The health examination would be 16 sessions in 4 days, and 40 people for each session. Please register one session. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to the ending time of the session so as not to affect the following session of the health examination.

     Registration link: Academic Information System/ Health Care/ Personal Health management/ Health Savings/ Reservation/ Event Registration/列管實驗室人員健康檢查 Laboratory Workers Physical Examination


  1. Fill the examination questionnaire: Fill the questionnaire before November 7th 00:00 am. If you did not complete the questionnaire, you must complete the questionnaire on the examination site before check up.

     Questionnaire link: Academic Information System/ Health Care/ Personal Health management/ Health savings/ Questionnaire/ 2021 Employee Physical and Medical Check-up Questionnaire (English)


  1. At the time of the examination, please bring your staff ID card, do not wear clothes with metallic or sequin accessories, (pregnant women are not required to take the chest X-ray examination, so if you are pregnant, please let the staff know. They may exclude you from the test ).
  2. Before the health check, make sure to fast 6-8 hours prior the examination time. You may drink small amount of water. If due to special conditions you are unable to fast, please contact the Division of Health Service beforehand.
  3. The examination fee for project assistants would be supplied by the project, thus project assistants should pay NT600 for the health examination  on the examination site at NTHU, and keep the receipt to apply for reimbursement of expenses at their affiliated department.
  4. Due to large amount of people participanting the health examination, non-regulatory inspection items will not be provided at the site.
  5. If you were unable to attend any of the four days of  the health examination, you must go to the Yeezen General Hospital ( No. 30, 321 Lane, Xinbei Rd, Yangmei District, Taoyuan City) before November 26th to complete the examination process.(reservation number 03-485-5566 ext.381).
  6. For epidemic prevention, please follow the CDC regulation. Don’t come to campus if you are in home isolation, home quarantine, self-health management or have a fever. Wear masks at all times and keep social distance during health examination.
  7. Please contact the receptionist at the Division of Health Service: 03-5731095,or email: clinic@my.nthu.edu.tw



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