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Health Care System

          --> Personal Health management  (accessible only when using campus domain)

          --> Questionnaire and Activity Registration  (can only add record if on extranet)

Health Care System Login Path

  • Intructions for using the Health Care System

Since 2013, in order to promote self-management of the health  of faculty staff and students, the school established the health informaiton system. In 2022, the system is upgranded and revised so that is easier for the faculty, staff and students to take care of their own health and achieve self-management of health. The instructions of the Health Care system are as follows, please refer to the operation instructions: (If you are unable to log in to the Health Care system, please email us: clinic@my.nthu.edu.tw or contact the Division of Health Service at 03-5743000 during office hours)

Health Care system

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