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Members and Responsibilites


Chief/  Yi-Peng Tsai

03-5162089 or ext. 62089     



Consolidating, arranging, and promoting affairs related to school health.



RN/ Shu-yueh Chang

03-5774401 or ext. 74401



Responsible for health management of following units: College of Engineering.

Main duties include emergency education training, host of campus AED management, freshmen CPR training, Tsing Hua Emergency and Rescue Team, and unit first aider training.



RN/ Huei-Yea Wang

03-5731051 or ext.31051



Responsible for health management of following units: College of Technology Management, College of Arts, Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Personnel, and Accounting Office.

Main duties include new student health examination and reinspection, and health care system management.



RN/ Hsun-Yi Tseng

03-5731054 or ext. 31054



Responsible for health management of following units: Tsing Hua College and College of Education.

Main duties include on-campus occupational health service, workplace health protection program (abnormal workloads, maternal health, human factors, respiratory protective equipment, and middle-aged), workplace health promotion, infectious disease prevention and control, and medical support service for all types of events.



RN/ Kuo-Dai Hou

03-5743095 or ext. 43095



Responsible for health management of following units: College of Science, College of Life Sciences and Medicine, Office of Student Affairs, Office of Research and Development, and Operations Center for Industry Collaboration.

Main duties include new employee health examination, tobacco control, health committee, equipment calibration for both campuses, unit allocation and property management, all meeting materials summary, and division website management.



RN/ Yung-Min Yeh

03-5731053 or ext. 31053



Responsible for health management of following units: College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 系所院務調整中心, Office of Global Affairs, Office of the Secretary, and Center for Teacher Education.

Main duties include employee and laboratory faculty health examination, personal information management, injury statistics, and equipment borrowing.



RN/ Yi-Ling Huang

03-5743001 or ext. 43001



Responsible for health management of following units: College of Nuclear Science, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Semiconductor Research, Taipei School of Economics and Political Science, Office of General Affairs, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health Center, Library, Computer & Communication Center, and Center for Arts and Culture.

Main duties include sex education (including AIDS prevention), healthy dimension, health promotion program summary and allocation management, health volunteer training, and Facebook Page management.



RA/ Huei-Sin Cheng

03-5743000 or ext. 43000



Assist health promotion program, equipment inventory, division space management, all business collection registration, and division website management.



PA/ Shun-Wen Lo

03-5743000 or ext. 43000



Division surrounding environment inspection, all business collection registration, all area entry access control and equipment management, information bulletin, lost and found management, and assist health promotion program.

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