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New Employee Physical Examination

National Tsing Hua University New Staff Health Examination Notice

  • All faculty and staff members of our school are subject to all provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and Regulations of the Labor Health Protection.
  • Based on the act, new staff members should submit both their “health examination report” and fill up “Employee Physical and Medical Check-up Questionnaire” during registration. Those who fail to comply with the regulation my be subject to a fine.
  • Prior to the first day of work, new staffs are required to complete the health examination at a medical center approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare at their own expense.
  • The health examination process for medical centers takes from 7-30 working days, so it is recommended to complete the health exam in advance. If the new staff couldn't submit the report, or the report does not meet the legal requirements during registration, and thus fail to complete the registration process, the new staff should bear the relevant responsibility.
  • For any questions or difficulties regarding the new staff health examination, please contact the Division of Health service: 03-5715131, extension number 4309543000, or send an email to clinic@my.nthu.edu.tw 

Health Examination Categories and How To Submit The Health Examination Report:

Working places

General workplaces

Special health hazardous operations

Examinations forms to be submitted

General physical examination

BOTH general and special hazardous health examinations

Inspection categories

General health examination

General health examination

Special hazardous health examination

How to submit

Please email the pdf version of health examination report to clinic@my.nthu.edu.tw

  • SubjectNew staff health examination reportdate of employment: year/month/day/ Staff number
  • FormatPDF
  • File namedate of employment +name +staff number

For example20230906 David Lin W00001

About Employee Physical and Medical Check-up Questionnaire

New staff members are required to fill up their health information within a week after they start working.

To fill up the questuonnaire: Academic Information Systems → Health Care → Questionnaire and Activity Registration → Questionnaire【新進人員】一般及特殊體格檢查問卷調查表【New Employee Employee Physical and Medical Check-up Questionnaire

Other notices:

  • Before conducting the health examination, new staff members are required to do fasting for 6-8 hours.
  • New staff member could submit their previously done report if, the health examination was conducted in health centers approved by the Ministry of Labor, the health examination report contained all required categories in health examination report”, and within the period of validity. Period of validity is as follows:

General workplaces

Special hazardous health operations

  • Age 65 and over, within 1 year before the date of employment. 
  • Age 40-65, within 3 years before the date of employment. 
  • Age 40 and under, within 5 years before the date of employment.

For Example:

Date of employment: 09.11.2023

For a 40 years old new staff member,

he should submit a report done between


(3 years period of validity)

  • Within 1 year before the date of employment

For example:

Date of employment: 08.01, 2023

The new staff member should submit a health examination report done between 08.01, 2022 ~ 08.01, 2023

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