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Medical Equipment Loan

We provide medical equipment such as first aid kit, ice pack, ambulance bag, crunch, wheelchair, thermometer, etc. 


Equipment applying procedure

1. Please download the “Medical Equipment Loan Application Form” and fill it in detailedly.

2. Deliver the form, personal ID and deposit to the Division of Health Service office in the office hours.  

3. In case of a deficit of the equipment, all applicants are strongly recommended to rent the equipment  a month before the event day.


If needed the display of the first aid kit instruction, please reserve in the health advisory a month prior to the event.

Before filling the form, if you need any assistance, you can call 03-5743000 or #43000, discussing your reservation time.


Thank you for your cooperation and patient. We will serve you as soon as we can.

                     急救箱     急救腰包

                            柺杖                      輪椅

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