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Medical Support Services

Event Medical Support Service Application

Please download the “NTHU Event Medical Support Service Application” and deliver your application to the Division of Health Service Office in the office hours a month prior to the event day. 

Please notice that the organizer should list the related medical support cost in the form.

We will endeavor to provide you the best arrangement. 


According to the regulation from the Ministry of the Interior, it is required that the host of an extensive event must station staffs such as security, police officers, firefighter, medical supports, etc. Besides, rescue measurement rehearsal is imperative. 


According to the regulation, an extensive event is said to have more than a thousand participants, and the event would last at least two hours. The event can be categorized into the following sorts.

1. Sports competitions

2. Concerts, parties, and other similar entertaining events.

3. Exhibitions for sale, recruiting conferences, expositions, and other similar academic events. 

4. Lantern parades, flower festivals, temple fairs, firework celebrations, and other similar events. 

5. Tradition folk festivals, indigenous celebrations, and other similar events.

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