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[Self-health monitoring] Those who have appeared at the locations reported by each city and county governments, it is suggested not to go to school.

Dear students, faculty and staffs,

         According to the trace of the positive case announced by Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC), if you have ever gone to the listed venues of each city government and county government within the designated dates, please do Self-health monitoring at home and is suggested not to go to offices or classes:

  1. The person in the Self-health monitoring is not allowed to be present at crowded place. If you need to go out, you should wear medical masks all the time, wash your hands frequently, implement respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette and avoid group activities. If you need to eat, it is recommended that you take out and return to the Self-health monitoring location to eat. Pay attention to the hygiene habit of washing hands before meals.
  2. During Self-health monitoring, you should measure body temperature every day and night. Having symptoms including fever, respiratory symptoms, olfactory sensation or gustation malfunctioned, or diarrhea for unknown reasons, you should take a day off and go to a doctor with a mask on as soon as possible. When going to the doctor, you should inform the doctor clearly about contact history and travel history both foreign and domestic. Rest at home and don’t come to school. Immediately make contact with: Division of Health Service 03-5743000 (Office Hour Monday to Friday 8:00 AM-17:00 PM) or Student Assistance Division 03-5711814 (24 hours).

       Furthermore, all faculties and staffs should contact their students, promoting if anyone has been to the listed venues of each city government.  If someone conceals pandemic which leads pandemic outbreak, he/she would be punished within the regulation on campus.

Division of Health Services wish you all well.

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