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Actions to be taken by staffs and students who are under home care, and self-initiated epidemic prevention etc.

Dear All, 
      For those who are notified of home care or self-initiated epidemic prevention , please follow the relevant precautions as below:
1.    You should measure and report body temperature every morning and evening to the survey, “NTHU Division of Health Service Survey on Epidemics”: https://reurl.cc/qO2M7D
2.    In case your axillary temperature is above 37.5°C, or you have such symptoms including fever, respiratory symptoms, loss of taste and smell, or unexplained diarrhea, please repot your symptoms to the survey and Line mentioned above and immediately contact : Division of Health Service 03-5743000 (Office Hour Monday to Friday 8:00 AM-17:00 PM) or Student Assistance Division 03-5711814 (24 hours).  Please don’t discuss your status in public or any social media groups so as to protect yourself and keep it private. In addition, in case there is any unnecessary hurt after being diagnosed with COVID-19 positive, your personal information will be fully protected.
3.    Individuals with fever or respiratory symptoms such as coughing or runny nose should wear a medical mask, seek medical attention immediately; inform the physician of your contact and travel history, wearing a surgical mask while returning home and avoid going out. 

4.    If you still feel uneasy or fearful about the epidemic, you can fill out the ‘Relief Prevention’ application form from the NTHU Counseling Center. The consultant will contact you and provide you short-term and supportive consultation according to your need. ‘Relief Prevention’ application form : https://reurl.cc/6gA3KV.

5.    Suggestions for disinfection and environment hygiene:
a.    Locations and places where the human body may contact frequently (such as conference room tables and chairs, tea rooms, saloons, etc.) should be sanitized with 1: 100 ratio bleach.
b.    The toilet should be disinfected with a blend of washing powder and 1: 10 ratio bleach.

Division of Health Services wish you all well.

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